Set up and Walk through of Vacation Rental.
This per rental fee includes:

  • Preparing property for guests by turning on heat in house and hot tub,(very important in the fall and winter months to save you on energy bills) leaving flowers, baked goods and a welcome note with contact number.
  • Cleaning walkways, decks and driveways prior to arrival.
  • Inspecting house after departure for damage, items left behind, and turning down/off heat and hot tub as well as hot tub cleaning if needed
  • Reporting to owner on condition of home and scheduling cleaning services.

Tenant Services

We provide, for an hourly rate, the following:

Service calls to the property due to tenant needs.This complies with the T.O.T regulation that the homeowner has a representative in the area should anything arise. We will make every reasonable effort to satisfy tenant where possible, notify owner and schedule licensed contractors/professionals when necessary.

Booking Services

We provide, for an hourly rate, the following services.

  • Website set up and/or maintenance through VRBO and/or AirBnb. (All fees associated with listing websites are to be paid directly by the owner)
  • Screening of inquiries via e-mail and phone.
  • Sending contracts, reminders and follow up correspondence.
  • Maintaining calendar.

Owner acknowledges all home rental contracts are between owner and tenant and all monies for said rental are sent directly to owner.

HPS does not in any way hold or transfer funds.

Property Management Services

            We provide, for an hourly rate, for the following services.

  • Maintenance due to damage caused by tenants, owners, or owners guests.
  • Extra cleaning beyond the regularly scheduled cleaning services including but not limited to: storm damage, window washing, and excessive laundry.
  • Obtaining bids and supervising work done by licensed contractors/professionals
  • Yard maintanance

All work must be approved by owner prior to work being done.

HPS will not do any work that normally requires a licensed contractor or professional.

Owner is responsible for all agreements and payments between any outside contractor/professional.

- From our home to yours -

Higgins Property Services